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By Taraka Anil Sabbineni


UX Architect,



    Here I, through Anilyzed, talk about Technology, Business, Design, Travel, Future and Food with a dash of Philosophy.

    I am into a lot of things, say - 
                technology & 
                geeking out with gadgets. 
    If you are into any of these things, I think you must ping me.

    I enjoy bowling, bloggingrecipe'ing and I love to travel
    I’m excited to hit roads while on trips ... that is where I serve my mission.  
    It provides great time to think, explore, and figure out what I am
    I do a lot of stuff spur of the moment just to bend things up
    Other than that it's all gravy.

    I follow tech and gadgets stuff very closely and I have a dual perception of tech stuff, both as an end-user and as a developer. 
    Home Automation geeks me out.

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